Sarah Lindsay


The Dust Collection

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The Dust Collection is made of thin, translucent slices of acrylic. This year's collection references the form and colour of petals. The colourways Rose and Lilac incorporate a variety of neutral shades alongside highlights of pinks, red, lilac and mauve.

Layered designs for earrings and pendants show the transparent speckled surfaces to full effect. Minimal design is carried through in the pendants where a stem-like silver wire is inlayed to create a simple pendant loop. Organic outlines in fine silver wire feature alongside matt red and purple coated edges which bleed into the acrylic, like pigment in nature.  


The Dust Collection

view Layered Edge Drops Mushroom

Layered Edge Drops Mushroom - £89.00 | View

view Scored Dust Necklace Brown/Navy

Scored Dust Necklace Brown/Navy - £295.00 | View

view Edge Pendant Red

Edge Pendant Red - £89.00 | View